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Aloha, Cousin! by HollowDrake92
Aloha, Cousin!
Stitch, my favorite little blue alien/genetic experiment/little monster.

Experiment 626, created by self-proclaimed evil genius scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba, is one of the most impressive creatures in the known galaxy. "Bulletproof, fireproof, able to think faster than a super computer. He can see in the dark, and lift three-thousand times his size." Dr. Jumba created this adorable ball of fury using all of the best qualities from the galaxies most lethal and terrifying monsters and programmed him with one purpose..."to destroy everything he touches."

Yes, Stitch's undying love of causing chaos by "backing up sewers, reversing street signs and stealing everyone's left shoe," is, inconceivably, stopped when he meets Lilo Pelekai, of Kauai, HI. Stitch was adopted by Lilo and her big sister, Nani, who tamed his wild nature and degraded him from a fearful destroyer of worlds to a strange dog with multiple talents including, but not limited to: hula dancing, play acting, fire dancing and breathing, playing ukulele (sometimes while dressed as Rock n Roll legend Elvis Presley), and carving totem polls using only his teeth and claws. Even though he no longer has an urge to destroy, Stitch uses his genetic traits to defend Lilo from harm while simultaneously tracking down the other 625 aliens in his Ohana and thwarting the evil plots of Jumba's former associate in the field of evil science, Dr. Jacques Von Hamsterviel, and Captain Gantu.

Upon apprehending the last of the experiments and finding their true calling in the world, Stitch, Jumba, and Wendy Pleakley, decide to leave Earth to pursue positions awarded to them by the Galactic Federation. Stitch is given command of the Federation Armada's flagship (The BRB aka: Big Red Battleship), Pleakley is given a job as professor at the Federation's most prestigious university (more of a desk job than a teaching job, very depressing), and Jumba's lab is returned to the evil genius, filling him with happiness (and loneliness without the admiration of his accomplishments from his friends). Lilo, being a native of Earth, is placed in charge of keeping an eye on the experiments remaining on Kauai, deeply depressed at the departure of her friends she manages to soldier on. During this time of peace, Gantu breaks Hamsterviel out of prison and into Jumba's lab where Hamsterviel forces the four-eyed genius to create a new, evil experiment. Baring a body type similar to Stitch (only in hotrod red rather that cool blue) as well as all of Stitch's powers and the ability to change the color of his fur to match Stitch almost completely, Experiment 629 (dubbed Leroy by Hamsterviel) sets out to capture all of the experiments to be destroyed as part of Hamsterviel's first step toward galactic conquest. Eventually, Leroy and his evil master are out matched, defeated, and detained due to a flaw that Jumba adds into Leroy's programming, saving the Earth and the galaxy yet again.

Many years later, Stitch runs away from Earth when Lilo fails to meet him due to a family emergency (later revealed as Nani giving birth to a child) and goes of wreaking mayhem and chaos throughout the galaxy, much to Jumba's dismay. During Jumba's pursuit of Stitch, the blue alien experiment crash lands back on Earth after falling through a wormhole. The crash leaves Stitch stranded on Izayaoi Island, near Japan, where he meets and befriends Yuna Kamihara and her grandmother. While on Izayaoi, Stitch learns of the properties of an ancient artifact known as the Spirit Stone, treasured by the native spirits known as the Yokai, which can grant the most desired wish of anyone who can complete a total of one hundred good deeds. Hamsterviel learns of this phenomena and sets out to get Stitch's good deed counter so he can be granted the wish of being ruler of the Galaxy. During their adventures, Stitch must match wits with bad Yokai, Yuna's rivals in martial arts and at school, Hamsterviel and his mind controlled experiments, the return of Experiment 627, and his own desire to cause chaos.

Disclaimer: Stitch is owned by (c) Disney.
Getting back into the swing of things with fan art, starting with Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch.
So I think I've reached my one hit wonder on here, in less than 24 hours, my very first Anti-Twilight Demotivational Poster featuring the Alucard has almost hit 100 views, I think it's better than nothing. It's amazing what happens when you're bored to death.
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HollowDrake92's Profile Picture
Nolan Wood
United States
I'm pretty good at combining the elements and designs used by other artists. I'm pretty much the blender type of artist, and if I see a style I like, I try to incorporate it. I just love art so much and I want to establish myself as a freelance artist, I'll work for any price you want. If you want something big, I'll try to meet your expectations, if it's something simple like a card I'll put your vision and your heart and emotions into it. I work cheap, like $2 per hour and $5 per day, and I make the work worth the price, I always aim to please.

Current Residence: The Good Ol' U S of A
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: Cara Ruegg
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: Stress is best relieved by laughing at the most ridiculous thing that pops into your head.
Favourite Artist of All Time: Vincent van Gogh


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